Emergency Tree Removal

At Tomball Arborist we understand the importance of emergency tree removal. A fallen tree is a tree that loosens its root hold on the soil, or is struck by an outside force strong enough to cause it to break at its base. When this happens, it can be frustrating finding a "Tree Service" provider that can come out the same day and remove it, let alone help with the insurance claims. Here at our Tomball Arborist, we offer direct help with your insurance claim of a fallen tree scenario.

Tomball, TX Emergency Tree Removal

From the moment you contact us for an emergency tree removal, the arborist will get a visual confirmation of the fallen tree and what it will take for its removal, then he will call in and have a crew dispatched out with the proper equipment to the location of the incident. Once our Crew arrives, they will immediately start working to remove the fallen tree and within minutes, the tree will be cut down and removed in smaller, manageable pieces. Once the exposed damaged areas are cleared, we then tarp these areas, to minimize any more damage from weather exposure.


Emergency tree removal tomball tx