Our Company

Tomball Arborist prides ourselves in affordable tree care. We offer top grade technology to diagnose and treat for several tree diseases at a reasonable price! Our ISA certified Arborist has been servicing the Tomabll area for over 15 years and will walk you through the steps to obtaining the highest quality of tree care services available. With our Tomball ISA certified arborist having a well established presence in this area, you are sure to be satisfied with our services.

Our Goals

Maintaining the trees and shrubbery on your property is time consuming and can cost homeowners and business owners tools like chainsaws, motorized clippers, pruning shears, wood chipper, and also find a tree disposal place. There can be a lot of money involved in a "do it yourself" project. However, hiring a tree trimming company, like Tomball Arborists, can not only save you TIME but also save you MONEY, as they have the experience and the tools to quickly take on any task you may need or want.

Our Team

Picture of Bradford Phillips

Bradford Phillips

Owner/ Lead Arborist

Brad is a 3rd generation Arborist that has studied under his father and grandfather since childhood. Brad has been pursuing his career in the tree industry for 20 years and is part of the 2% Board Certified Master Arborists in the country. He has studied with Cornell and Harvard University and has several certifications including: Board Certified Master Arborist, TCIA EHAP Certification, Aerial Rescue Certification, NATS Certified in EHAT. Brad has been a speaker for OHBA (Organic Horticulture Business Alliance) and has participated in public outreach and educational seminars pertaining to tree care. Our Lead Board Certified Master Arborist in Houston has appeared on several radio stations and news channels to report on tree health such as 740AM, 900AM, 950AM, Channel 2, and Channel 11.

Picture of Brittany Bates

Brittany Bates

ISA Certified Arborist

Brittany is an ISA Certified Arborist that has a passion for providing detailed diagnosis and treatment plans to help the average homeowner have the most affordable tree care possibilities. She is currently submerged in an independent study of the decomposer system of trees and how to prevent invasive pathogens. Brittany's personal interest also include Mycology, the study of Fungi.