Land Clearing

Tomball Arborist is the premier land clearance company in Tomball, TX. Our team of professional arborists have the experience and equipment to clear any landscape. We specialize in removing any old soil, trees, or shrubs from your property so you are ready for the next step. Our team will ensure your land meets your expectations and all the specs required for construction.

Land Clearing Tomball, TX

​For those looking to make some major changes to their property or lot, we can provide fast lot and land clearing, removing debris, trees and shrubs, leaving the area ready for pre-construction. We use a process called Hydro Mulching, which is a water based saw that cuts and shreds shrubs and trees, leaving a ground full of mulch. "Mulch" is the remains of the tree and shrub bark mixed with loose soil from the cutting process of our equipment leaves.

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