Soil Sample And Analysis

On occasion, a tree fertilizer is put down and there are no results. What do you do? Was enough applied? Did the people you hired really use fertilizer? What is the real problem? These are common questions among homeowners. If the soil pH is not in the proper range, a tree is not capable of absorbing the required nutrients its needs to thrive. It is not unusual for a tree to die of a lack of proper nutrients even though the surrounding soil has plenty.

Tomball, TX Soil Sample And Analysis

To properly treat a tree, you have to start with a proper diagnosis. It is common practice to fertilize based on plant type while neglecting soil type, pH, and present nutrient levels. The main way to properly treat a tree is to first take a soil sample and send it to a lab for testing. The ISA certified arborists at Tomball Arborist do this on a regular day-to-day basis! Our arborists are among the most qualified to inspect your soil and prepare a comprehensive treatment or maintenance plan.

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